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You probably thought I was gone from the world. GoDaddy subscription lapsed, blog vanishes from the world, Kevin's definitely dead. People even stopped asking when I was going to write anything again.

Mother fuckers act like they forgot about Cray. ...

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Skittles are the greatest food known to man.

Discovered by the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés in 1537, this natural delicacy has sustained humans for decades through its high nutrients and vibrant colors.

They are indigenous to the Badlands of ...

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To people outside of the software community, it can be hard to imagine what an engineer actually does. All they really have to work with is stereotypes (sitting at a computer in a windowless room/cubicle for hours on end with no social interaction) or ...

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About halfway through February, I realized that I hadn't shaved yet this month. This is a somewhat common occurrence for me. As cataloged in [A Treatise on Beards](/blog/post/7-a-treatise-on-beards), I'm facial hair-deficient.

This is a mixed ...

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Hey Boy Scout Leaders.


I know you're in the news again and you're probably kind of nervous for what's to come. In case you didn't know, or forgot, [this is what I'm talking ...

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